Why businesses certify

Each of the businesses in our network believe protecting the planet is a shared responsibility. In doing so, they benefit from competitive advantages ranging from significant cost reduction to increased credibility and an overall stronger brand.

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"Gaining the CO2-Neutral label underscores the efforts we have been making for years to provide concrete answers for reducing our CO2 footprint."

Marc du Bois, Managing Director

128 businesses certified last year, cutting carbon emissions by 1.679.809 tonnes & saving society over $700.480.222*

Certified businesses

4 steps to carbon neutrality

We help businesses combat their local and global impact through a simple 4-step approach leading to a serious action plan and, eventually, CO2-Neutrality.

1. Calculate

Determine the scope of your footprint by identifying the different sources of greenhouse gas emissions produced by your organisation.

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2. Reduce

Prioritise and implement a series of simple and innovative measures that will help you reduce your carbon footprint to (second to) none.

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3. Compensate

Compensate for your remaining carbon footprint by investing in carbon-offset projects in developing countries.

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4. Communicate

Use the CO2-Neutral® label in your on- and offline communication to inform your audience and inspire stakeholders and competitors.

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Help tackle climate change with us.

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Making environmental responsibility a reality

Read all about the climate crisis and climate-protection measures.