Who created the protocol, and who ensures that it reflects the latest developments in climate science?

03 June 2022

The CO2 Neutral protocol is the methodological basis for supporting the client in his approach and defining his climate pathway. This protocol is based on international standards (PAS 2060) and on the climate science currently available at international level.

However, this subject is bound to evolve and the reality on the ground or the specificities of companies must be taken into account in order to define the most credible climate action plans.

In order to ensure the best approach with each of our clients, but also to preserve the credibility of our label and to ensure the best use of it, we have set up a scientific council to discuss specific client cases, market developments, the international context or to respond to potential misuse of the label.

The board is composed of CO2logic employees but also of external members whose field of expertise helps to feed the reflection.

To know more about the council or submit questions or suggestions for improvement, please reach out to us at :