Why become CO2 Neutral?

03 June 2022

Today, climate change is probably the biggest challenge we are facing collectively. Human activities generate CO2 emissions, regardless of the size of the organisation. Those emissions contribute to global warming, and in the past years, we have started to witness the disastrous effects of climate change all over the world.

Time for action is now ! In order to mitigate climate change, we all have a role to play, whether at individual, political or industrial level.

The CO2 Neutral label is a communication tool, allowing companies and organisations to disclose their climate commitments and strategies. Thanks to the QR code, the public can find more information about their climate journey, and the different levels clearly indicate the ambition and maturity level of each company on that topic.

The level approach also encourages companies to raise their climate ambitions, and engage at the highest level, in line with the recommendations of climate science.