The CO2-Neutral® label is a carbon-neutral certification offered to businesses, brands, products, services and events,… for mitigating the greenhouse gases related to their activities. The label is issued by the international climate advisory organisation CO2logic and validated by the accredited and independent certification body Vinçotte. Together, we aim to generate change on a larger scale by offering a credible & uniform approach while supporting as many businesses as possible in their transition to a low-carbon & carbon-neutral economy. Because if individuals, families, businesses and governments work together, we can fight climate change and reach the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, or even earlier.

The CO2 Neutral® label complies with the internationally recognised PAS 2060, which sets out the requirements for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality. As the PAS 2060 is currently the only official, non-proprietary standard for carbon neutrality, it can be considered to be the ‘gold standard’ or ‘best practice’ for demonstrating carbon neutrality. Hence, the CO2 Neutral® label is a guarantee of transparency and authenticity, enabling your organisation to earn the trust of your clients and stakeholders.

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