Belfius becomes the first major bank in Belgium to be certified CO2-Neutral®

24 April 2020

Partnering with CO2logic, Belfius also helps businesses and Belgian local authorities to become carbon-neutral 

Belfius has become the very first big Belgian bank to be awarded the CO2 Neutral® certification label, validated by Vinçotte and issued by CO2logic, a Belgian specialist advisory organisation in climate-related projects which enjoys international recognition. Through the ‘CO2 Impact Loan’, Belfius also aims to help businesses and local authorities in Belgium to become carbon-neutral by providing advice and setting specific borrowing conditions. In doing so, they will become more economical with the energy they use, whatever their commitments, maturity and objectives. This is how Belfius is now emphasising its intention to work towards achieving a sustainable environment, both for the organisations themselves and for their employees and customers. 

Belfius already makes a major effort each year to reduce its direct impact on the environment and climate. In fact since 2012, Belfius’s carbon footprint has been reduced by no less than 21%. By becoming involved in a highly ambitious carbon-reduction programme, combined with the offsetting of its residual emissions, Belfius is ramping its commitment up a gear in conjunction with CO2logic. And as a reward for these efforts, Belfius has now become the very first big bank in Belgium to be awarded CO2-Neutral certification by CO2logic. Residual emissions are offset by climate projects certified by Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Plan Vivo or UNFCCC, the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change. 

Jos Clijsters (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Belfius Bank & Insurance): “Through this ambitious programme, we are setting the right example to our own staff, as well as to our customers – and in doing so we are also showing the way to Belgian businesses. Working with CO2logic, we have identified all of our CO2 emissions. These include the energy consumed by our buildings and by our staff’s journeys to and from work. We have also made reductions in waste and the consumption of paper, as well as having a more environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles. A comprehensive analysis, in fact. We offset our residual emissions of CO2 directly via accredited projects that benefit the climate, both in Belgium and abroad. We are very proud of this recognition, but we will certainly not be resting on our laurels. As a result, Belfius intends to stop supporting certain unsustainable activities. This is the only credible way of generating long-term value for the Belgian community.” 

Antoine Geerinckx (CEO CO2logic): “CO2 Neutral certification identifies businesses that are taking responsibility for their climate impact so as to avoid passing on its associated cost to the community and to future generations. We are also very pleased to have been able, with Belfius, to set an additional benchmark in this direction, and to be able to facilitate and support investments aimed at carbon-neutrality in order to respond to the climate emergency and speed up energy transition.” 

Dirk Gyselinck (member of the management board of Belfius Bank): With the CO2 Impact Loan, we support companies and local authorities from A to Z in their efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions, whatever their commitments, their maturity and their ambitions. Thanks to a quick scan, we detect and identify their needs. We offer our clients a truly global approach, ranging from the reflection work to describing and realizing their climate objectives, and providing the most appropriate financing solutions. Belfius thereby confirms its desire to fully support initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and on society. 

About CO2logic CO2logic specialises in climate-related projects. The organisation enjoy international recognition and works in line with the strictest standards and methodologies. Its processes for achieving CO2-neutrality are validated by the external independent auditor, Vinçotte. The CO2 Neutral® label is the first CO2- neutrality standard based on the PAS2060 standard to gain international recognition. More information on

About the CO2 Impact Loan Through its ‘CO2 Impact Loan’, working via consultancy services and specific borrowing conditions, Belfius is helping organisations to translate their climate-related aims into practical long-term targets. Working with CO2logic, a pathway is defined to enable businesses and local authorities to gradually become 100% carbon-neutral, as well as more economical with the energy they use. As a player in the energy transition process, Belfius already had various programmes and solutions in place designed to support its customers with their energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. 

About Belfius Bank & Insurance Belfius is an integrated bank and insurance company, firmly established at a local level. It operates its commercial business in 3 key areas in Belgium: Retail, Commercial & Private Banking and Wealth Management customers; financial services to customers in the public, social and business sector; and, finally, insurance. With experience stretching back 150 years in the public sector, Belfius has always positioned itself as the preferred partner of public and social sector customers, as well as the many SMEs and midcorps in Belgium. Belfius offers its customers a comprehensive and integrated range of banking and insurance products and services. More information on

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