CO2 Neutral label: the best indicator of climate action for organisations

CO2Logic is here to guide your organisation along its climate journey, from  initial emissions reporting to climate project financing. Following this, the independent third party Vinçotte (Member of Group Kiwa) completes an audit and saves all the information collected on our platform. Once completed, a QR code is generated to give consumers access to this information. In order to ensure that your climate commitments are respected, we update the carbon footprint annually and monitor your progress to confirm every year the validity of the label.

5 steps to carbon neutrality

Measure Footprint & Risks

  • Define what will be certified and its scope. More information on defining the subject and scope can be found in the protocol below.
  • Measure the climate impact through a carbon footprint exercise and analyze where you can most effectively reduce your negative climate impact, tackle risks, and increase your positive impact.

Set Roadmap & Create Targets

  • Develop an emission reduction plan and strategy to contribute to climate projects.
  • Set targets in line with climate science to reduce the negative climate impact of your own value chain as much as possible and identify concrete goals to increase your positive impact and ensure your core business/organization is viable in a net zero society.
  • Look inward at your business to determine ways to reduce negative climate impacts while increasing positive ones.

Reduce Footprint

  • Take steps to implement your action plan and reduce emissions while increasing efficiency.

Finance Climate Action

  • Finance climate action to offset remaining emissions.

Communicate & Lead

  • Communicate publicly, transparently, and unambiguously by developing a strong communication plan for internal and external audiences.
  • Ensure annual follow-up and review actions to determine effectiveness of reduction efforts and take corrective measures when needed.