City Climate Challenge 303030: The change of climate era in Brussels begins on 16 October 2019

17 January 2020

For the first time, the companies of the Brussels-Capital Region have undertaken to share their resources, expertise, advice and innovation to launch a dynamic process aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the region by 30% in 10 years. This project will be officially launched at the Brussels Meets Brussels event on October 16th. 

30 collaborative projects to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030: The 303030 movement is an unprecedented open cooperation initiative to reduce emissions substantially, accelerate the societal and political transition, reduce costs and increase the impact of the actions.

Convinced that the urgency requires being carbon neutral by 2050, the partner companies of the City Climate Challenge 303030 undertake to work collectively to learn from each other and to facilitate emission reductions by sharing their expertise, as explained in their Charter 2030. This process should make it possible to develop concrete CO2 emission reduction projects, but also to invite other stakeholders in the region to join the movement and to work alongside the regional authorities to get the regulatory framework to facilitate energy transition initiatives.

The roadmap for 2019 has been drawn up. Eight collective work meetings are scheduled to identify all the CO2 emission reduction projects capable of contributing to achieving the common objective of 30%. The approach is intended to be inclusive, comprising all stakeholders concerned, and is geared to create a multiplier effect in the Region thanks to its innovative and collaborative character.

Beci and the partners alike want this project to have a real, concrete, measurable and objectively ascertainable impact. That is why CO2logic, which is recognized for its support of CO2 emission reduction projects has accepted to be a partner of the project and to guarantee the reliability thereof.

Antoine Geerinckx of CO2logic, where the watchword is “credible climate action”, underscores the scope of the initiative: “Our mission is to make sure that 303030 is a solid undertaking by measuring annually the concrete emissions authorized by the movement for 2019, compared with already undertaken and supplementary actions.”

Olivier Willocx, CEO of Beci, has this to say about the initiative: “We should all roll up our sleeves to respond to the climate emergency. Cooperation is the solution for transforming practices and accelerating the political movement. The private sector is taking the initiative here, but it is above all a matter of launching a movement that mobilizes all Brussels stakeholders in partnership with the political world, which has to adapt the legal framework to make the transition possible. The 303030 project is a strong, proactive approach with a Charter and verification capabilities. You can require us to report to you every year, as of the launch on 16 October 2019.”

Cécile Huylebroeck, leader of the 303030 project, adds: “The climate challenge requires the 303030 partners to work together beyond any competition rationale. A target of a 30% reduction of emissions in 10 years is highly significant and proactive.”

Our leading partners for the time being are: AG Real Estate, la Confédération Construction de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Edenred, EngieEuropcar Mobility Group, Febiac, INGInterparkingJeasyLeasePlanMicropolePasha-ParkingSibelgaSNCB/NMBS, Sodexo, SolvayTotalTractebelVeolia and Vinci Facilities.

The project is being carried out with the cooperation of CO2logicDreamocracyHack BelgiumSpacious agency & Whyte Corporate Affairs.