CO2logic has awarded the first companies with their new CO2 Neutral label

07 December 2023

CO2logic, a South Pole company, has awarded the first 85 companies pioneering climate action with their new CO2 Neutral label

Updated in 2022 with a revised protocol and the introduction of individual QR codes on each label, the new version of the CO2 Neutral label enables companies to communicate transparently on their commitment and their climate action plan.

It responds to growing public and corporate awareness of climate issues, and anticipates regulatory and market expectations by certifying that the carbon footprint of a product, service or organization is accurately measured, that emission reduction actions are prioritized and that the company finances certified climate projects to offset its residual emissions.

The new version of the label also introduces a graded approach (bronze, silver, gold) that reflects every companies’ level of maturity and concrete progress made, while enabling consumers to compare the level of environmental performance of committed companies.

Learn more about the label in this video (in French) on