04 January 2021

Capi Europe has offset the product line “made-in-Holland  planters”. The Carbon footprint exercise is done by Carbon+Alt+Delete.

They calculated the product carbon footprint of their products which consisted of 4 phases: material & pre-processing phase (2kgCO2e/kg product), production phase (0,16 kgCO2e/kg product), distribution and storage (0,09 kgCO2e/kg product) and end-of-life (1,00 kgCO2e/kg product). Note that in the production phase a lot of reduction actions are already in place, such as fuel electrification of processes & building and the switch to 100% green electricity. The total impact of all Made-in-Holland products was offset using the VCS Zambia Forestry project. A project aiming to bring sustainable agriculture to Zambia and protect the local natural resource and endangered animals.

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