07 April 2020

Europe 2010 – 2020

Challenge: Reduction and offset of the CO2 emissions of more than 400 parkings in 9 European Countries

Partnership: Since 2010 the Interparking Group has entrusted CO2logic with the privilege of implementing its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the outset, only Interparking Belgium was concerned by the process. Today, 9 countries in which Interparking operates calculate, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions.

In 2018 Interparking contracted with BNB Paribas its first green credit line, whose payment conditions are determined by the achievement of 2 environmental commitments:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the company by 30% in terms of tCO2/FTE compared with 2014;
  • Reduce the energy consumption by 20% expressed in kWh/parking space compared with 2014.


Interparking is proud to have achieved these 2 targets in 2020 (carbon footprint based on the data of 2019). It has even exceeded the second objective, as it has improved by 21% its energy efficiency in the car parks in all the countries. This has been achieved thanks to an ambitious LED deployment plan, as well as the implementation of lighting control systems (dimming, motion detector systems,…).

Furthermore, to offset the remaining emissions, it keeps supporting the Gold Standard Wanrou project in Benin ( which aims at distributing improved cookstoves to households in rural villages in the North of the country. This project not only prevents deforestation, but also improves considerably the quality of life of beneficiary households, as the cookstoves generate less smoke and the chimney limits the exposure to smoke to help fight the problem of indoor air pollution and decrease respiratory diseases. Standard of living increases since families spend less budget on fuel and women experience a significant time gain that can be used for income-generating activities.

These actions make Interparking a major player in the development of sustainable mobility. CO2logic is proud to be part of this awareness and orientation of the Interparking group.

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