National Lottery of Belgium

02 April 2020


The Belgian National Lottery is a CO2-Neutral organisation

The Belgian National Lottery’s reason of existence is in the first place one of solidarity.

Our unique business model projects this in a very evident manner. A large number of people play a modest amount. By doing so they create a chance of winning for themselves and at the same time they create changes for many people in our society through the support of countless good causes by the National Lottery. We are an organization with CSR in our DNA.

It is therefore evident that caring for the environment is a responsibility we take up on, in order to further extend a healthy society. At the National Lottery we have taken several measures over the years to reduce our carbon footprint in a sustainable and long term manner. Since 2017 we use 100% green electricity, we severely adapted the car policy resulting in less vehicles and less polluting models, guidelines for business travel were tailored to minimize our ecological footprint.

To motivate all employees to do their part we linked the collective bonus to the results achieved in reducing CO2 emissions. Various initiatives were being taken to promote a greener mobility such as flexwork, autofree days, company bikes, etc.. These initiatives are very much appreciated by our employees and together with them we constantly examine and explore new ways and opportunities for working in a greener organization.

On top of all these measures and initiatives we compensate since 2018 (certified by CO2Logic) our remaining CO2 emissions. We do this by supporting certified climate projects in Ghana where efficient cookstoves are distributed to reduce the need for wood & charcoal. This is one of the impactful tools to support the urgent combat against deforestation of the rainforest in Ghana .  This project with many positive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contributions aligns very well with the good causes we support in Belgium which also have as a main goal to support a large number of people through projects that are simple, efficient and unifying.

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