The Skateroom

24 February 2020

The Skateroom challenges the status quo of brand and corporate responsibility, and turns consumers into active contributors in socially engaged projects.

As a young certified B Corporation, The Skateroom project unites art buyers, artists, galleries, museums, foundations, retailers, and non-profits around the world in a new economic model — « Art for Social Impact ».

The Skateroom is a CO2Neutral company for the 4th consecutive year. Its CO2  neutrality covers not only its direct emissions (Scop 1&2), but also the Scop 3 emissions related to the shipments of the skateboards from the production plants to Belgium, as well as the outbounds to the final clients all over the world.

Furthermore, in 2020, The Skateroom has decided to relocate its main production plant in Europe (North of Spain), decreasing drastically its carbon footprint. It has set an objective of reducing its emissions by 50% by 2021, thanks to this improvement in the supply chain (less distance travelled and modal shift from plane to truck).

The Skateroom decided to support a forest conservation project in Guatemala certified under the VCS. Thanks to that, it contributes to preserve 245 ha of forest, and more than 500.000 trees.