How much is 1 ton CO2?

A carbon footprint is usually expressed in ‘tonnes of CO2’, but how much is 1 ton of CO2 exactly?

  • Driving 9500 km with a normal car;
  • The average emission of 1 passenger on a return-flight from Brussels to Marrakech;
  • Heating an average home for 2 months (350 litres of heating oil or 450m² of natural gas).

What is my carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is a quantification of the total amount of (indirect) greenhouse gases emitted by your organisation, event, product or service. Through recognised methods, such as Bilan Carbone, GHG protocol, ISO 14064, PEF, OEF, etc. your actual footprint can be visualised. Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step in a 4-step process to reduce your carbon emissions to zero.

Calculate your carbon footprint