The label is an official certification of real climate efforts and a way to secure the future of your company, brand, products, services or events. Besides contributing to the planet, the benefits of meaningful corporate climate action are manifold, ranging from ecological and financial advantages to enhanced credibility and an overall stronger brand. Here’s an overview:

The benefits of bold (and transparent) corporate climate action

Ecological responsibility Check icon

Get recognised for your climate efforts

The label officially recognises your real climate efforts and clearly indicates what particular aspect of your business is carbon neutral today. It’s a display of your corporate social responsibility and a clear, undoubtful proof of your fight against climate change.

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Become validated by an accredited third-party certifier

The CO2 Neutral label is issued by CO2logic and third-party validated by Vinçotte, a serious, credible and international certifier. It is a guarantee of quality and confirmation that your business, brand, service or product is officially and unmistakable carbon neutral. Also, it helps you break through the fog of empty environmental claims and join the fight against greenwashing.

Better reputation Check icon

Attract people with purposeful aspirations, activities, products & services

Respect for the environment and climate action are important motivational values to your (future) employees. Additionally, purpose-led brands and businesses that make honest efforts to care for the environment improve their loyalty and attract more potential clients and stakeholders.

Stronger market position Check icon

Increase your competitiveness

By anticipating future policies and regulations to limit carbon emissions, you can positively differentiate yourself from others. You can use the label in your on- and offline communication to inform your audience and motivate companies to take up their responsibility for the impact of their business operations on the climate.

Cost reduction Check icon

Cut unnecessary costs

By calculating & reducing your carbon emissions you identify and stimulate the reduction of unnecessary financial costs coming from fossil fuel dependency, (energy) inefficiencies, waste, paper, packaging, water, recurrent energy costs …

Don’t miss the opportunity to take climate action.

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